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High fees
Unreliable bridges
Complex UX

User access layer to DeFi is not ready for multi-chain reality, the bridges are a pain point, and fees are often too high even within one network.

Most tasks could be executed cheaper and more efficiently (transversing capital between blockchains or simply optimizing strategy within one blockchain).


A multi-chain aggregator and para-token powered dashboard to move assets cheaper and faster across one or more blockchains.

Ariadne will aggregate transactions to save on fees within one blockchain, and introduce a new way to execute multi-blockchains operations.

Move and re-allocate capital cheaper and faster

Bundle multiple transactions within one network

Use para-token level to enable cross-chain ops


Eugene Shimalsky

Product and business development executive. Founder of Noisy Miner software development studio, ex Product Director at Deep Dive Research/Paytomat.

Egor Egorov

Software developer with over 30 years of coding experience. Egor specializes in financial and high-performance trading software.

Yuri Yazupol
Lead backend developer

10+ years of development of distributed web-based services for e-commerce, financial and mobile.

Roman Zhbadynskyi
Lead full stack developer

Professional with 15+ years of experience driven to increase team effectiveness. Focused on usability and performance improvements.

Yuriy Savchenko
Technology consultant

CTO at Attic Lab and APYSwap, Senior developer at Solstarter, pro with notable experience in Ethereum, BSC and Solana development.

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